Manufacturers of the finest quality protective covers for cars, karts, motorcycles, aeroplanes, plus general commercial and industrial applications. We are the inventors and manufacturers of the VanPorch offering weather protected workspace between van rear doors.

Specialists in both outdoor and dust protection covers, Thoroughbred Covers have been individually tailoring the highest quality protective covers in Leeds England since 1979.

Thoroughbred Covers also offer the facility and the material expertise to custom manufacture covers for a wider range of commercial and industrial applications for indoor dust protection and outdoor weather protection of tooling,machinery and plant.

Thoroughbred Covers can provide customers with effective protection against water, damp, dust and UV light with:

Aicraft in hangar dust covers, Aircraft allweather breathable UV resistant outdoor covers, Bike covers, Canal Boat covers, Car in-garge dust covers, including the option of one colour for the top panel and another contrasting colour for the side panels, and an extra cost option of black piped seams between top and side panels. Car outdoor allweather breathable covers, CarHats, Fairground Equipment covers, Fairground equipment skirts, Fairground Juveniles covers, Fairground Toy covers, Fairground Hoopla Tilts, Food machinery dust covers, Garden furniture covers, Glider in-hangar dust Covers, Glider allweather breathable UV resistant outdoor covers, Industrial equipment covers, Motorcycle in-garage dust covers, Motorcycle breathable allweather outdoor covers, Snooker table covers, Speraker covers, Tool chest covers, Tooling dust covers, Trailer covers, Trailer skirts, Trailering covers, Trike covers, Van Porch

Car Cover

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